Xhorse XTT27B new remotes

The new XT27B Super Chip Supports:47 49 4A MQB (Newly Add)46 (optimized)47 (Honda electric A/G)49 (Ford)4AMQB8A Toyota H Chip/Hyundai 8A, copy8C Haima8E Honda4C4D (60/63/67/69/70/72g/80/83)4E (64)48 (VAG/Honda)7935 (33/40/41/42/43/44) (optimized)7936 (46)11/12/13 This chip only comes as a onboard remote key . There is no standard chip. This remote can have both functions used independently (Opel id40 chip …

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We have become the new official distributor for the new lonsdor products from machines to keys. Please contact sales for any questions about the machines and keys.

Hexprog II

Introducing the Hexprog II programming tool, the pinnacle of ECU cloning and chip tuning advancements. Through meticulous observation of the strengths and weaknesses of previous generations, we have created a solution that attends to every detail. Our extensive experience has been harnessed to develop a lightning-fast, dependable, and user-friendly software. The outcome is nothing short of remarkable …

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