Xhorse XTT27B new remotes

The new XT27B Super Chip Supports:
47 49 4A MQB (Newly Add)
46 (optimized)
47 (Honda electric A/G)
49 (Ford)
8A Toyota H Chip/Hyundai 8A, copy
8C Haima
8E Honda
4D (60/63/67/69/70/72g/80/83)
4E (64)
48 (VAG/Honda)
7935 (33/40/41/42/43/44) (optimized)
7936 (46)

This chip only comes as a onboard remote key . There is no standard chip. This remote can have both functions used independently (Opel id40 chip and Corsa c remote generated separately to be used together). The remote will need to be made first then the chip would need to be selected.